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About David Moore and the oars



Collaborating with Mando Diao members and recording in their studio in Stockholm Sweden, David Moore and Film Director Sue Clayton have recorded the album 'David Moore and the Oars'.

After many years of playing in his original band which split in 2007, and also breaking from a long term relationship, David went through a reflective period travelling and then returning with a new want and drive to write honest and truthful music needing to be alone and free from the restraint of outside pressure felt from a band or other people involved.

Film Director Sue Clayton and David met in 2008 initially to work together on film music after she heard some of the material David had been working on and they soon became friends spending evenings writing and working on music and film scripts.

Sue was an essential part in the production and creation of the album and her skills as a Film Director was key in recording vocals by capturing the mood and energy felt on the takes.

Demoing began in 2009 with engineer Laurence Aldridge. Laurence had been interested in the project David and Sue had been discussing and offered to record the tracks with the intention of them being used by Sue Clayton for TV and film and it quickly became obvious there was an album of songs needing to be recorded fully.

In late 2009 Mando Diao members Carl-Johan Fogelclau and Mats Bjorke approached David about working on the songs and by January 2010 recording began in Stockholm for the album 'David Moore and the Oars'.

A friendship that has stretched nearly a decade between David and Carl-Johan of Mando Diao began with an audition to play Organ in their band but resulted in not getting the job due to not speaking Swedish. Ironically Mats Bjorke became the organist in Mando Diao and is now also part of the collaboration in 'David Moore and the Oars' playing keys including the Organ.

The time of year was intentional, the cold, dark, bleak, snow covered landscape of Sweden was what David wanted to create a mood and atmosphere in the recording process.

The sadness was crucial as a key element behind the songs initially, it bought about long working days being shut inside in the candle lit studio, but this environment led to evening feasts and some heavy drinking which resulted in fun but hard working recording sessions and the out come became positive, giving the recordings depth and interest.

The recording stretched over the year with many crazy stories and events such as being trapped by snow storms and the icelandic volcano eruption, but all these things culminated in only making the adventure more exciting and remarkable.